Weapons and accessories

The Protector Palm Pistol is a tiny weapon (picture below is  actual size; the body is slightly larger than a pocket watch) which is held with the barrel between the middle & ring fingers. Seven cartridges are held in a rotary device inside the body. Intended to be carried in a coat inside pocket or tucked underneath a vest. No weight. 
$14 (special order from USA only),  .31 rimfire ($1 per 20, special order).
Damage I (-1 to d20 roll), draw 1, fire 1. Cannot aim.  Base Accuracy  17 at 5' or less, 7 at 6'-10'. Adds three white dice if used while brawling. Unaffected by off-hand use. Reload 12 counts regardless of number of cartridges.

Scope Model 2: When mounted on a Sharps or Creedmore rifle the scope will allow a Base Accuracy of 25 to all shots between 150 and 1000'. However, it adds +1 count to shot time per 200'. -5 Base Accuracy to all shots below 150.
Adds 2 pounds, costs $45, must be special-ordered from USA. The Scope is fragile, so a padded case is recommended.

Soule Sight: Replaces existing rear sight on a Sharps or Creedmore rifle. Will negate up to 4 crosswind dice as '*' ranges. Adds 2 counts to shot. May not be mounted on a scoped rifle.
no weight, costs $20, must be special-ordered from USA.

Stock pad: A leather stock cover to soften recoil. Has loops for five cartridges. No weight, $5.

Rifle case: A waterproof leather case with wool padding and heavy leather stiffeners. Holds one rifle. Has pockets for cleaning tools and 20 cartridges. Weighs 3 pounds, $10.
For a case with the hide still showing, $15. Can choose between deer, antelope, steer, and elk.

Hunga Munga: Requires specialization to use. 15 pesos to have one made; a sheath/belt case costs 5 pesos. Draw 2, throw 2, weights 1.5 pounds. Melee BAcc 19.
Thrown  15-30' Bacc 20  Dam III; Cannot be thrown at less than 15'.
31-50' Bacc 18, Dam II; 
51-80' Bacc 16, Dam I

Weapons and accessories

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