Unresolved Questions

 The 'Bulgarian Notes': Five different groups, with almost no similarities except occult violence, are found to have short notes written in Bulgarian.  The notes appear to be postscripts, encouraging and four using the term 'hook'. Following the 'ghost wolf' attack in April, a note with the word 'Desist' is found in the same handwriting. Is this proof of a larger agency or organization involved?

The 'Dog Letter': At the marigold farm a letter in an unknown language was found with the illustration of a dog or wolf at the bottom. The language is unknown in origin, and the illustration may be the harbinger of ill tidings, the summoning of a terrible creature ,  or an omen of doom. What were the cultists attempting to do? This is possibly connected to the 'ghost wolf' attack in April.

The 'Black Things': You have been told they have anti-occult value against 'The Dream' if powdered and added to burning metal. They cause railroad flares to burn differently. But what is the 'Dream'?

The Branded: The regulators encountered madmen with brands of their chests which appeared to be…changing. Why? How? To what end? Are there other groups?

Father Garcia: The priest told the regulators ‘the Devil is running loose in Mexico, and all the evil men in the world are coming here to pay their respects’. What does that mean?

Vengeful Dead: A Chinese elder gave the regulators hatchets which would affect 'the vengeful dead', as well as the news that salt would stop them from passing, and harm them. What are 'vengeful dead'? Axes and salt affect 'Ghost Wolves' and apparitions; are these the limit to the breed?

The Mysterious Stranger: Beau and others have noticed a stranger watching the regulators at a confrontation in Chihuahua, the marigold farm, and in Mexico City.

The Hen See On: What was their issue with Jacob Dover? What is the 'Red Tea' they are supposed to be making from blood drained from Chinese workers?

Jacob Dover: Will he hold a grudge against the regulators?

The 1882 earthquakes: John determined that the earthquakes run at an angle to the Pacific Ring of Fire. A contact of Frank's believes the fault radiates from Mexico City. 

Sorko: Why, in the face iof the first potent occult works Deacon has ever seen, is he lying low?

Tlahtoani: Natives of Central America  who want the old days of drawing power to return. They may be a cult, crackpots, a secret society, or a rumor, but since 1882 they have become more noticed much more. They are erecting 'circles of power' in remote areas.

The Eye of Ages: A unique device that serves as a conduit through which one individual can possess another. To use the sphere, a would-be possessor binds himself to it. Thereafter, no one else can bind himself or herself to the sphere until the currently bound individual is destroyed. Once an individual binds himself to the sphere, whenever someone else holds the sphere, the bound individual may see through the holder’s eyes. In addition, he can choose to leave his own body and take complete control of the sphere holder. The possessor must thereafter remain in his host until the host dies. The names of hosts previously possessed accumulate as etchings on the sphere’s surface.

Some Answers
John's research has established that copper serves as a containment to certain occult creatures, iron or salt is a barrier to ethereal creatures, and that lead blocks the occult emanations of harmful occult devices. Circles likewise have power with the above materials because they have neither start nor finish, and are rarely encountered in nature.  (first Latin book).

A caret of ground turquoise mixed with laudanum and poured on a weapon will (if fired when wet) negate defensive values of Eaters (Ghouls), Undead Wolves, Whistlers.  2 Counts (Second set of books).

The Whiteface agenda was figured out from the paperwork captured at the old mission; as a group the Whitefaces are defunct.

Unresolved Questions

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