Rules Expansion

I.  Chinese Cook
The Cook must be along when shopping.
Travel rations 4 lbs, 0.50 per man day. Hard tack, salt pork or beef, coffee, canned frit or vegetables. Uninspiring.
Chinese rations: 3 lbs, 0.25 per man day. Rice, dried fish, smoked meat, dried vegetables, flour, spices, seasonings, lard. Lighter, better tasting, good for morale. Not always available.
Basic rations: 6 lbs, 0.35 per man-day. Flour, lard, cornmeal, smoked meats, etc. Basic groceries. Will not keep as long, heavier.
To perform his duties the cook will need to be exempt from guard duty.

II. Farrier
Having a person with the farrier skill, anvil, and tools will preclude hoof and shoe issues for animals. It is assumed riders check their mounts daily.

III. Snap Shot
+2 Challenge. A person fully behind cover can pop up or lean around the cover and fire a quick shot in 1 count. Must spend one count afterwards doing nothing (cooldown, represents get ready/recover).  If the weapon used requires more than 1 count to fire, take -4 Base Accuracy.

Safe except for Overwatch. Cuts enemy Overwatch area in half due to speed of action.

IV. Quick Peek
Similar to Snap Shot, except the person takes a quick look. No ‘cooldown’. +1 Challenge. 

V. Targeting
Center mass: No effect. Limb: +1 Challenge. Head: +2 Challenge.

VI. Tactical pool roll
Comets and Stars count as +/- two successes; Banes and Boons do not count at all. Challenges are -1 success each.

VII. Grenades
There aren’t any. Dynamite is too unstable in this period to throw. Kerosene is not sufficiently refined to make Molotov cocktails.

VIII. Horse Holders
A Horse Holder may secure five animals. However, if you tie off a horse it will stay put. Most horses will not go far so long as their reins are trailing, unless something spooks them.

IX. Montgomery Ward and Camera Catalogs
All prices are accurate. Shipping is 10% up to $75, and 5% on orders over $75. Will not accept orders to Mexico under $10.

X. Peace (Yellow) charms
Remove two Fatigue or Stress (or one of each); or 3 stun.

XI. Medical treatment times
All times include drawing out medical supplies.
Apply a bandage: 5 counts
Apply a single kit: 10 counts
Set a bone*: 10 counts
Extract a projectile*: 25 counts
* =must be done before any healing other than stopping bleeding.

XII. Getting dressed, tactical
Pants: 2 counts
Shirt: 2 counts (4 buttoned and tucked)
Boots: 4 counts
Coat 3 counts
Vest 2 counts
Gun belt 3 counts
Shoulder rig 3 single, 4 double
Bandolier 1 count

Rules Expansion

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