"I've got a box of cigars and a bottle of whiskey; what else do I need for this trip?" Charles.

"If you would get civilized we would like you better." Beau to Henry.

"You don't treat snakes like this; help me!" Beau, after being wounded at the marigold farm. 

"Leaders are always great men. That's a fact." Beau, the party leader.

"I should have stayed in DC." John, after a crazed woman nearly hit him in the groin with a machete.

"Two days of hard drinking and I'll be fine." Charles after the 'wild bunch' fight.

"I don't want any man near my inner gateways!" Thomas, after Teacup tries to explain acupuncture.

"Straighten up: people can see us!" Beau, on the trail to Jimenez.

"One of them should know how to do laundry!" Charles, hopeful when eight Chinese girls are rescued.

"One of these days you are going to need normal people clothes." Beau, to Teacup.

"Fuck 'em! They need to learn to speak American!" Luke, after he starts the fight in Torreon a bit abruptly.

"So if we didn't have enough reason to leave already…" Beau, upon hearing of Luke's confrontation with a gun thug in Saltillo.

"I hate my life choices." Thomas, in the cellar of the abandoned house on the light house isle.

"This gun is designed to kill people with knives."  Frank, about his derringer.

"Is there anything in your weird medicine to cover this?" Charles to Teacup.

"If it's that fucking hard, you can go read books with the other team." Beau to Luke, about avoiding violence.

"From his body mannerisms , I would say he is speaking." Frank.

"It's not an accusation because you did shoot me!" Frank to Thomas, regarding an argument that erupts regularly.

"I'm not sure I want to to bunk with Teacup." Edward.

"I get stress just from you guys being assholes. All the whining about riding your horses, for example." Beau.

"I hate this camp, I hate this place, I hate this freakin' country!" Thomas, sharing his feelings.

"I have my own problems." John, while Henry is being drowned and slashed by a Ghoul.

"Can we go back to shooting Mexicans?" Thomas, in the Ghoul/Revenant cave fight.

"I know I'm going to regret saying this: I'm going to trust you guys…." Beau, in San Luis.

"Raise your hand, you're going." Beau, volunteering Thomas.

"Teacup, I should have asked this the day before, but why did we just rob a bank?" Beau.

"Not only are you Chinese, you are deliberately holding secrets." Deacon to Teacup.

"I am prepared to wash my own clothes." Charles, establishing his willingness to suffer. 

"I'm about to shoot Teacup in the face." Beau, getting frustrated with the cook's silence on his motivations.

"We held the line; that's enough." A badly wounded Deacon to an equally battered Henry after the Whiteface manuscript fight.

"You lost me at 'talk to Luke and Deacon'." Beau.

"They used him like a cheap whore." Thomas, about Henry during the Ripper investigation.

"You're a clown! You make laugh!" Luke, in the Auction Fight after getting hit with opium-coated darts.

"Not now, Charles!" John, during the Hotel Room discussion after the Auction Fight.

"Frank, we need a story where we didn't massacre a bunch of prominent citizens." Beau, after the Auction Fight.

"I like stealing stuff, but this is creepy." Charles, about the Eye and Codex of Ages.


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