Private Train

Locomotive: $2000. Requires a engineer and stoker (3+ tough and strength). Takes an hour to build a head of steam from a cold stop.

Tender: $500. Holds 14 tons of coal and 10,000 gallons of water. 

Curzon sleeper: $2000. Small kitchen, 4 quad-bunk staterooms, one master stateroom, observation area for 14.

Number 32 Sleeper: $1500. 10 quad-bunk staterooms, two showers.

Number 33 Sleeper: $2000. 3 master suites, large kitchen, modest dining area, modest seating area. 

Boxcar: $350. Holds up to 20 tons. Can house 8 horses or mules in poor comfort. Or can be converted into a bunkhouse for up to 10. Upgrade costs $75 + 20 per occupant.

Keystone Horse Car: $500. Stables up to 14 horses in comfort.

Flatbed: $200.  Holds three wagons or buggies. 

Train range: 200 miles per tender-load.

Average per-mile cost: $0.25 plus NPC wages. Includes maintenance fees. 10 mph normal speed due to track condition.

Start-up gear: One-time purchase of assorted equipment. $200.

Parking fee: Free so long as Santa Fe reputation is at least Trusted. $3 a day 'tip' to rail yard bulls to keep an eye on the train if no guards left on board.

Maintain steam: Requires engineer and stoker. $0.10 per hour. Allows immediate departure.

NPC Wages: Engineer $75 per month plus keep. Stoker $45 per month plus keep. Bonuses if exposed to violence or required to be on excessive stand-by. Can only run the train for 8-10 hours.

Coal $4 per ton, water 250 gallons for $1. Reference only, as these are factored into the per-mile cost.

Game Note: Working a shift as a stoker counts as a day of Exercise or Conditioning (but not both). Riding in a sleeper car counts as down time.

Customizing staterooms
Unwanted bunks can simply be removed and discarded.

Private Train

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