When encountering people while traveling, Beau lays his shotgun across his saddle horn.

When town Charles dresses and is armed appropriately.

Number 32 Sleeper room assignments, left to right:
1) Pops, Hammer, Howard.
2) Gabriel
3) Closet
4) Beau
5) Edward
6) Medical bay / Guest room
7) Deacon
8) Thomas
9) Frank
10) Henry & Teacup

Number 33 Staterooms:
A) The Reynolds
B) John
C) Luke

Protection: Both sleeper cars and the horse car are encircled with iron chain and salt in baseboard traps.

Train: Engine, coal car, horse car, flatbed, Car 33, Car 32.

There are Gatling pintle mounts on the front left and back right corners of the flatbed, covered by dummy crates.

There is a secret compartment stocked with weapons and ammunition in the horse car grain storage. It contains 3 Krag carbines, 300 rounds .30-40; 3 7.5" Colt Bisleys, one 7.5" Colt Peacemaker, 400 rounds .45 LC, two knives, 500 pesos, 50 rounds of .476, two cut lever-action down shotguns, 50 rounds 12 gauge buckshot, 24 rounds 12 gauge sea salt, and a medic bag. The latter contains 10 Butler kits, 10 silver probes, 30 bandages, 1 Bergman bandage, one splint, 1 rib girdle, 2 pints citrus wonderment.


Mexico: 1889 Bud Bud