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    Ten men ride into war-torn Mexico. Five hope for opportunity and wealth; five seek answers to terrible questions. What awaits them in a nation tornby a multi-factional civil war is worse than they could imagine. Holt's Regulators are a

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    Major US Companies
    Santa Domingo Silver Mining Company:Known+
    Philadelphia Silver and Copper Mining Company: Known+
    Golden Fleece Mining and Milling Company:

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    "I've got a box of cigars and a bottle of whiskey; what else do I need for this trip?" Charles.

    "If you would get civilized we would like you better." Beau to Henry

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    1-3-1889: The Federal Government extends its contract with the Santa Fe Railroad Company for another three years.

    1-8-1889: The Federal Government hires the Thiel Detective Service, an American company

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    Clothing and Personal items

    Montgomery Wards Catalog. See Expansion IX for shipping.
    Pocket knives p.42
    Stationaryp.32, 46
    Watches p.42


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