Mexico: 1889


1st: The regulators accept a ransom negotiation job from Anstor Grase of the Hearst, Haggin, Tevis and Company mining consortium. They travel by train to the city of Chihuahua.
2nd: The regulators meet their contact, an Indio Soldaderas named Valeria. They travel to the meet, where in a blaze of gunfire they kill five Indio rebels and rescue the hostages (Ocie Crump and Robert Loudermilk), taking Valeria captive in the process. Valeria buys her freedom with the location of a rebel camp were two Santa Fe engineers are being held. Crump and Loudermilk are sent back to the City of Chihuahua on captured horses while the regulators ride to rescue the two Santa Fe employees.
4th: The regulators assault a rebel hideout, killing three and capturing two of six Tinta rebels (90 counts), and rescuing Todd Olsen and Ed Greenwood of the Santa Fe RR. They also capture an incriminating letter from an arms dealer named Mistaugh.
6th: The regulators return to the city of Chihuahua, where they turn in the captive rebels and a quantity of Army horses and arms for the bounty. They locate Mistaugh, who has recently been murdered in a very gruesome fashion. They notify the police, and gather some information themselves. They also return $250 of the reward money to Hearst, Haggin, Tevis and Company.
7th: A day of investigation leads them to Father Garcia, a parish priest searching for missing members of his congregation. 
8th: Beau wisely talks his way out of a confrontation with hired gunmen.  The regulators investigate a abandoned marigold farm and find Canadians murdering local girls and taking their livers. They capture some odd 'black things', and various documents.
9th: The regulators take some down time. Henry and Deacon are stuck down by illness.
13th: Luke and John observe some Negros transporting sugar cane and tobacco., which seems out of place this deep in the high plains of Mexico.
14th: John learns of a murdered book seller which peaks the regulators' interest. The regulators investigate the crime, and then literally stumble across the suspect, one Gregor Warchinski
. While interviewing him Gregor dies abruptly and strangely. They turn in the corpse for the bounty, and set off for the wild men terrorizing the area.
15th: The regulators catch up with the wild band and eliminate then in a short but bitter fight. Deacon and Henry are badly wounded. (18 counts). Afterwards Deacon burns one of the captured books for no apparent reason, upsetting John.
16th: The regulators return to Chihuahua and cash in the bounty , then take some rest time.
20th: The regulators
take an escort job with the Batopilas Consolidated Mining Company.

8th: The regulators return from the escort job to find out that the rebels had cut the rail line to El Paso.
11th: After a rest and time for their orders to arrive after the rail line had been re-opened, the regulators head out for Jimenez. Beau decided not to take the train in order to conserve money, a decision which prompted six days of griping.
14th: The regulators encounter a group of pistoleros with a wagon on the road; words are exchanged, and then bullets. Henry and Charles were wounded, and the regulators lost a horse and a mule killed. In the process they rescued eight Chinese girls who had been kidnaped.
17th: The regulators spend a day in Jimenez. 
18th: With four members (John, Thomas, Deacon, Henry) down with food sickness, the regulators leave the girls and heavy gear in Jimenez and head over to Conchos. Camargo Municipality,  to investigate a series of dreadful murders.
19th: Thomas and John, recovered, catch up with the main body. Investigation continues.
20th: The regulators track clues down to a remote location, where they engage a flock of very strange creatures (40 counts), apparently the product of a failed or botched occult ceremony. They report that the murders were the result of a rogue mountain lion which they wounded. Since they could not prove they had killed the beast, they declined payment.
21st: Back In Jimenez. 
22nd: Arrive in Torreon to return the Chinese girls to their families and custodians.
23rd: The regulators begin a period of rest.
25th: 4500 Maderists encircle the town and lay siege to the presidio; The Federal troops stand firm.
26th: The fighting continues.
27th: Low on ammunition, the Federal troops break out. At dawn rebels, especially irregulars, sack the local Chinatown and massacre over 300 Chinese; they also destroy over 100 buildings belonging to Chinese and Japanese. Caught in the middle, after a brief effort of diplomacy the regulators fight house-to-house to defend the neighborhood that had feted them as heroes. They repulse the initial assault of irregulars, and discourage them for the rest of the day with sniping and the display of dead rebels. After twelve hours the rebel command get their troops under control.
28th: The regulators rest and aid the Chinese community. Frank pens a eyewitness account of the massacre and sends it to the USA.

1st: The regulators head for Saltillo to look for work; Song Meiling, one of the girls they rescued, sneaks away to join them. On the way they observe another group of the black men with the 'x' marks, this time carrying tools and escorting a wagon carrying what appeared to be a still.
2nd: The Regulators rest, make repairs, and do research. Henry and Deacon recover.
6th: Luke gets in an confrontation with a gun thug in Saltillo. Unnoticed by any but Frank, a token is acquired by the regulators. The regulators head to Tampico by rail.
8th: The Regulators arrive in Tampico.  They track down Sam Gibson's location. 
10th: The regulators arrive in the village of Pesca. They charter two finishing boats and head for the barrier isle, only to be separated. Sea sickness hits the group hard, and both Thomas and Deacon fall through the rotted floor of an ruined house, Thomas breaking his leg. The two are finally extracted, and the regulators reach and search the lighthouse. While searching, half the party are set upon by madmen with edged weapons and a harpoon. The rest, except for Thomas and Frank, rush to their aid. Meanwhile madmen attack the main group and Thomas/Luke. After a bitter fight, the regulators prevail (62 counts). They ascertain that three lightkeepers  and a half-dozen smugglers went mad. Sam Gibson's body is stashed and the rest of the bodies dumped into the (whale) oil reservoir. 
11th: The regulators trade the captured boat to the fishermen in order to get the smugglers' inventory moved to close to Tampico.
12th: The regulators finish moving the inventory.  Frank begins setting up a sale through a dealer he knows.
14th: Charles arranges a $7000 loan through his father to purchase a private train. 
17th: The regulators sell the captured arms through an arms dealer. They make a $1215 payment on the loan. 
18th: Henry  and Deacon depart to pick up the train. The group investigates the death of Walter Resnick, a Santa Fe employee.
21st: The regulators continue to investigate. Henry and Deacon return with the train. They investigate an abandoned slaughterhouse, and interrupt a fight between cultists and Triad members, both of whom turn on the Regulators  (62 counts). They discover the source of the black liquid, but the cult leader escapes. Frank sends off a report and a sample to close out the investigation. The Regulators take a much-needed period of rest and research.

1st:  The regulators make a payment of $505 on the trains.
2nd: The  regulators travel to San Luis City, and there de-train.
3rd: The regulators strike out on horseback.
6th: The regulators  are attacked by two ghostly canines which wreak havoc.
7th: Pops overhears a rough-looking man buying drinks and asking questions about an Irishman who wears a sword and has something to do with trains. He slips a local ten pesos to tell him that an Irishman matching that description is a track inspector for Santa Fe currently en route to Mexico City. He sets Hammer to size up the men in question; Miss Song tags along, and the two establish that there are three very dangerous-looking men leading a half-dozen hard-case pistoleros in all. They are some kind of bounty hunters, as they have handcuffs and shackles gone green with age.
10th: The Regulators arrive at the possible site, where they encountered twisted Humans and apparitions. They recover a Colt Paterson hand-made by Sam Colt himself.
12th: Two herders are found murdered near San Luis City. They were badly cut up and their ears excised, smoked, and nailed over their eye sockets. They had been murdered about four days ago.
15th: The group comes across a place where there had been a bonfire and torches. Nearby in a ditch are the corpses of emaciated Chinese men and women; each has a bruise on their right thigh, and the signs of abuse (but not torture). A medical exam determines that they were drained of their blood while alive.
16th: The regulators return to San Luis City 
17th: The regulators take a day to investigate and plan. They then take downtime. 
22nd: John reveals that he came to Mexico in search of the Niven tablets; at the time he believed that they were purely of historical interest. He conducts interesting research into the 1882 earthquakes.
23rd: The regulators locate and speak with a group of men possibly hunting Deacon. Deacon explains his background.
24th: The regulators lure the men hunting Deacon into a prospective ambush, which turns into a bitter but brief gunfight. Deacon burns a captured book
25th: The Regulators travel to Noe, Durango, where half the regulators take part in a fiesta and Teacup investigates things known only to him.  The fiesta is attacked by a crowd of strange, sick-looking people. In heavy fighting the regulators escape, only to find that the rest of the group were forced to abandon the train by a large group of the same sort of sick people. The regulators re-unite, and establish that they and the area are victims of a very well-planned action. They discover their train is warded against them, so they retreat to the local monastery. 
26th: The Regulators discover clues in the documents which leads them to a buried slab from ancient times. With a great expenditure of effort they smash the slab, and then escort the civilians and monks to the local presidio. During the night a raid kills Lieutenant Ruiz and all but one sergeant.
27th: The Regulators scout the area. They launch a raid into the town and kill two, possibly three whitefaces. Regrouping, they storm the bank, and in heavy fighting wipe out the remaining whiteface leadership, clearing the threat to the town and recapturing their train. They discover that part of the enemy force had already departed with two of the three 'finds' from the area; the regulators destroy the third.
28th: The Regulators head for Monclova, Coahulia for rest and re-equipping. Meanwhile the Mexican government blames the entire affair on rebels.

1st:  The regulators make a payment of $505 on the train.
3rd: The Regulators head to get an item from a bank in Lampazos, Nuevo Leon.
5th: Arrive in Lampazos. Deacon gets arrested in order to study the local law enforcement.
6th:  The Regulators take the police captive, then rob the bank, acquiring $10,000 in bearer bonds and $1100 in gold.
8th: The Regulators reunite with their train, and headed for city of Chihuahua.
10th: The Regulators arrive at the city of Chihuahua. They take an ore smuggling job with the Batopilas Consolidated Mining Company.
14th: The Regulators pick up the mules.
17th: After days of hard riding through the mountains the Regulators are ambushed by Reyistas. Everyone but Beau was wounded, and Beau's horse was killed.
19th:  The Regulators encounter a circle of stones with an odd symbol and a Human skull on a post.
26th: The Regulators take a boat north to catch up with their train, which came around via Tucson.
27th: The Regulators meet up with their train. 
29th: While stopping in Tuscon the Regulators send the bearer bonds to Charles' father as payment for their loan. They also take down time

2nd-4th: Charles, Deacon, Luke, and Miss Song visit Tombstone. Charles and Miss Song are married in a lavish ceremony.  Luke and Deacon enjoy the fleshpots of Tombstone for three days, emerging broke and terminally hungover.
6th:  After intense research, the Regulators return to Mexico with two Gatling guns hidden on their train.
8th: The Regulators arrive in Chihuahua. A telegraph from Dietrich Eckart: await them seeking to employ them. They arrange to have a false bottom installed in the horse car for emergencies. 
11th: The Regulators set off for Mexico City.
13th: The Regulators arrive in Mexico City.
14th: The Regulators meet with Dietrich Eckart, and then conduct research.
15th: The Regulators set off after the manuscript.
16th: The Regulators make contact with the group alleged to have the manuscript (turned out to be Whitefaces), and buy the manuscript.  A conversation about the occult uncovers some interesting things before it escalated into a bloody fight in which Charles, Henry, and Deacon especially distinguished themselves and in which the majority of the Regulators were wounded. Aside from occult items and paperwork, a second Colt, three tokens, and a sum of money was captured.
17th: They return to Mexico City, where a contact of Frank's alerts him to the possibility that Jack the Ripper is loose in Mexico City. They obtain a letter of authority, and begin work on the two orders to date.
21st: A third murder occurs.  The Regulators respond and find several items of evidence at the scene: a match from a high-end eatery, rolled paraffin wax under the victim's fingernails, and a thin scattering of paraffin flanks in a very narrow six-foot line near the body. The find where the victim had b een staying, and established that all three deceased were independent streetwalkers who associated together. They obtain a list of 600 established patrons of the eatery.
22nd: The Regulators investigate further.
23rd: Investigation continues.
24th: The Regulators are summoned to a murder, but the body was missing. They continue to investigate, and exploring long shots go to the city's wax museum, where they inadvertently disturb a creature posing as a wax figure. The creature flees after seriously wounded Deacon and injuring Teacup and Thomas. The creature was not immune to gunfire, but protected by occult emanations and extremely fast. The wounded head back to the train while the rest head towards the Cigar Divan, only to run into Corporal and hired pistoleros. Corporal died badly.
25th: The Regulators do some research, and then burgle Sir Danielson's home, finding a typed journal that lays out his life and habits. Danielson claims he is Jack the River. Later they (in the nick of time) return the journal and conceal all evidence of their intrusion to secure more time in which to operate. Later, they recover the bottled organs.  
26th: The Regulators investigate further, and convince Wadsworth to give them the location of the next murder. They show up at the appointed time with two bishops in tow, and nothing happens. On their way back to the train they are attacked by Sir Danielson, Wadsworth, Colleen, the Wendigo , and ghouls. After a terrible fight Colleen withdrew and the rest were killed. With Colleen's testimony that the Regulators acted in self defense, the matter was cleared up without much fuss after a few days.
29th: The matter is cleared up and the Regulators are mobile again. They begin research on the captured Whiteface material, including a return trip to the old mission where they had destroyed the organization's leadership.

1st to 25th: The Regulators come up with the daring concept of getting invited to Peaslee's sale of the Niven tracings (assumed to be an auction, assumed to be coordinated in Mexico City), and stealing or destroying the tracings there. They spend a considerable sum of money and effort, not to mention accumulated favors, to infiltrate Peaslee's confidence. It takes them much of the month.
26th: The Regulators attack an auction being held by Peaslee. They kill Reverend Bob, James Peaslee, and Yang Chengwu. Everyone but Frank and Edward were wounded; Teacup, Thomas, Luke, and Charles were badly wounded. They let Colleen go, and Treme was ransomed off for a Colt. They turn over captured Niven tracings to the Church.
27th: The Regulators take down time.

1st: Sorko sends Deacon a letter which aside from copious insults indicates that the Regulators are in serious danger from Kaleto Shipka.
2nd: The Regulators meet with Colleen McBride. 
3rd: The Regulators met with the Baron and seek information. Thomas had a dinner with Colleen. 
4th: The Regulators conduct an excessively complex investigation to find Le Peng. 
5th: The Regulators confirm Le Peng. 
7th: Charles starts picking the locks on safety deposit boxes which under the guise of checking boxes.
12th: Charles find the Eye of Ages.
13th: The Regulators research.
15th: The Regulators assault Kaleto Shipka's home, using the Eye of Ages and the captured lens to make Kaleto Shipka remain in place. With their two gatling guns pinning the response force in the barracks, the Regulators ran headlong into The Dream, an occult effect that amounted to a visual white-out that blinded anyone except in small areas illuminated by treated rail flares. The Regulators fought their way in, with virtually every member of the crew being wounded, most several times. In the final confrontation with the sorcerer Teacup was killed.

Beau moved his family to north Texas, as far from Mexico as he could get.
Charles headed to Alaska to seek another gold rush.
Luke headed to Tombstone. His involvement in the fire that killed the city two months later is unconfirmed.
Deacon stole the lens and headed off to find Sorko
Thomas eventually married Colleen; they now reside in Chicago, where they are active in ward politics.
Edward went to Alaska with Charles.
Frank disappeared.
Henry escorted Teacup's body home to San Francisco. While there he was press-ganged by a clipper captain, and spent eight months before the mast in the South Pacific and Indian Ocean  before managing to jump ship in Hue, Tokin China. There he ran afoul of the French authorities, and ended up serving five years in the Foregin Legion. He purchased a ticket home with his discharge pay
John returned to his job at the Smithsonian, and his book-selling business. He has struggled to keep in touch with the other Regulators in the hopes of a reunion, but has never been able to locate either Frank or Deacon.